Biking across Canada

I am going to cycle across Canada. By myself. On a bicycle.
When I tell people this, I get a couple of different reactions. Some people are genuinely very happy an excited about this. Some people are shocked and displeased and them hide it pretty well with a compliment like “that’s very brave of you”. My favourite reaction so far is from a friend of a friend who immediately looked at me and said, “damn, you must have great legs”.
Once they’re over the initial shock, my friends asked me about the details of my trip. Guaranteed, the answers are as follows: I have a route, I will be camping and staying in hostels, I fly to Vancouver on May 22 and cycle all the way to the east coast. And yes, I am very excited about this trip.
I first decided to do this trip a couple of years ago when I was travelling around Europe and Australia. I met a girl from china who had been to more places in Canada than I had. It was then that I decided to see my own country, and that the best way to see Canada would be via bicycle.
So I left bought a bike (a trek hybrid), quit my office job, and am now training for my trek. I’ve told a bunch of people that I will be writing a blog, so I will be doing my best to write updates and keep in touch with everyone.


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