I did a 90 kilometre ride today, from my place in Toronto to my mom’s house in Oakville. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too bad, since I did about 80km on Thursday. The difference is that on Thursday there wasn’t so much wind. I had read about people complaining about cycling across the prairies and battling the wind… But I never really understood how much it could affect a ride until today.
The route I took was mostly along the waterfront of Lake Ontario. It was fine in the morning, but on my way back in the afternoon it was ridiculously windy. I could feel my bike being pushed to the side by the wind, which was probably not helped by my new pannier bags.
At the end of my ride I started having some technical difficulties, so I think I will be paying a visit to Bike Pirates tomorrow afternoon. I was hoping to go to their women’s day on Sunday, but I don’t think my bike will make it through a long ride unless I pay them a visit. Hopefully they will teach me some cool new things!



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