I was never one to complain about being too hot, but this is becoming ridiculous. When I got back from my long ride today I had to put on a toque, because the ambient temperature in my apartment, along with my fleece sweater, wasn’t cutting it. I’m finding that when I cool down from a ride, I cool way down and have a lot of trouble maintaining an adequate body temperature.
It wouldn’t be so bad, if it was only happening during my cool down, but it happens when I take a break during my ride as well. I took about a 2 minute break today to grab some water and a photo, and when I got back on my bike it took me several minutes to warm back up. My muscles were fine, it was my core temperature that was the problem.
Unfortunately I am not a quiet cold person. I expressed my discomfort with the temperature quite audibly, much to the displeasure of the people sharing the waterfront path with me.
Here’s hoping that this summer is nice and warm, because I don’t want to have to whine and whinge my way across the country.


4 thoughts on “Cold

  1. hi – your mom told me about your ride, awesome stuff. I did it with a group about 10 years ago and best piece of advice I got was to stuff newspaper and paper towels in my jersey when cycling down mountain passes. We went through Rogers pass and there’s a tourist centre at the top where you can find paper. It’s a stunning but bloody cold ride down, the paper helps cut the wind. All the best for an epic adventure!

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