I get a lot of unsolicited advice and commentary in my day-to-day life, and I get even more on my bike. For example, I was on my bike, patiently waiting to cross Yonge street on King, when an older woman approached me an touched my arm. She said, “that’s what I like to see…” I thought, “yes, my new North Face fleece is pretty awesome”, but then she continued. She said, “…a nice svelte body!” This was not what I had expected. She went on to tell me how she still rode her bike around the city (the light turned green at this point) and how she had had the bike for years (I tried to pull away and go through the intersection, but my Canadian instincts were overpowering and I was forced to stay and listen to her) and how she had very strong legs (I’m going to miss the light!). I politely agreed with her and pulled away, laughing with her at something she had said, and then was gone.
Folks, when you see someone riding a bike (particularly in Toronto), they are generally focused on two things: where is my bike in relation to the traffic, and where is the traffic in relation to me. Personally, I am not concerned about you or anything you have today at me at this point in time. I don’t need to know that I’m “looking good, girl” (real quote) or that it’s a nice day for a ride (really happened). I know it’s nice weather, I’m outside. And I know I look good.


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