Now that I’m back in Oakville, I have access to some amazing long bike routes. My friend, Kristyn, and I decided to go on a nice long ride last night up on highway 6, which is mostly vacant except for cyclists. I’ve known Kristyn since first grade, and we’ve managed to keep in touch throughout the years. In the past couple of years, Kristyn has started doing triathlons and Ironmans in various cities in North America. She has become very, very good at them.
The last time I was living in Oakville was the summer and fall of 2011. We went for a ride together, and it did not go well for me. Kristyn is what one would call a good cyclist. And at the time, I was only using my bike to commute to work (about a 6 km ride one way). While my friend is very nice and slowed down for me, I still had a lot of trouble keeping up, and did not at all enjoy the uneven asphalt and paving we were riding on. On that ride, we did 35 km round trip, and I was thrilled with the distance (even though I slowed us down so that it took about 2 hours).
Last night, Kristyn and I did a pretty relaxed 60km (approx). We chatted and caught up for a while (and accidentally swallowed several hundred mosquitoes and what Kristyn claimed was a ladybug), and then did some hard cycling to get home before nighttime. Although she claimed to be holding back “only a little”, I suspect she slowed down a bit more than she said. Still, I was happy that I was able to keep up with her for the most part (although bad she decided to, she could have left me in her dust more easily than I would like to admit).
We went through rural areas and beautiful farm land, outside of Oakville and toward Milton, over the 401 and beyond. I could not believe how nice the air smelled, and when I pointed this out, Kristyn replied, “do you mean fresh? Of course! Why do you think I picked Oakville over Toronto!”
As much as I love living in Toronto, I had to concede the point. I hadn’t realized how polluted and sometimes dirty Toronto could be until I was once again exposed to the fresh, Spring, rural air. And the bike paths! The wonderful, car-minimal bike paths! It’s so much easier for ride along highway 6 than it is to ride down King street (where I have a knack for getting caught in streetcar tracks and praying/swearing when I feel cars are too close to me). I had not occurred to me that one of the reasons I was going so slowly in the city, and even along he waterfront trail, was because I had to constantly stop for obstacles, rather than being able to build up speed and momentum.
So, while I do miss aspects of Toronto, I am thoroughly enjoying the accessibility to bike trails (and fresh air) in Oakville. I’m certainly looking forward to my next big ride this weekend (when there will be more bikes than cars on highway 6).


2 thoughts on “Kristyn

  1. You’re too funny. I didn’t realize you had written this after our ride! Glad to hear you made it to Van safely. I look forward to following your adventures in an attempt to live vicariously through you šŸ™‚

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