Well, here I am in the departures area at the airport, awaiting my flight to Vancouver. Yesterday, with the help of a YouTube video, I packed my bicycle into a cardboard bike box, and jammed it into the backseat of my mom’s car. Let’s hope it arrives in Vancouver in one piece.
For a while, I was anxious rather than excited about my trip. Gathering everything, making lists, training, packing, and everything else was building up, as it usually does before a big trip. Even on the drive to the airport, I couldn’t tell you what my dad and I talked about, because I was going over what I might have forgotten. Fortunately, I don’t think I left anything behind, which is very rare for me. I usually leave something small that ends up not being that important after all.
Amidst all of the anxiety in the last couple of weeks, there was one relief. A friend set me up to talk with her fried, Natalie, about biking across Canada. Natalie did the same trip a couple of years ago, and is a bike touring veteran, and all around awesome person. She had actually started her cross-Canada ride with an acquaintance, but left him behind when he prove too wussy. I like her. We chatted for a while and I picked her brain about absolutely everything, from weather to sites. Natalie also has a few girl friends who started the same ride a couple of weeks ago, and they too seem awesome. Talking to Natalie really helped me put things into perspective and collect myself before my trip. My biggest fear right now is that I will fall in love with Vancouver and never start cycling. It’s a very real fear.



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