Vancouver Day 1

I’m in Vancouver! So far, I’ve seen the airport and the route to my hostel. And a grocery store in the dark. It’s amazing.
After getting off the plane, I retrieved my giant bike box and began assembling my bicycle. Unfortunately, the front wheel seems to have been bumped slightly (ugh) so it has become untrue and will need a trip to the bike repair shop tomorrow. Fortunately, Vancouver is full of bike repair shops, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Once the bike was assembled, I treated myself to a cab ride to the hostel (otherwise it would have been 2 buses, which I was just not up for after the flight, the time change, and my amazingly not-so-great bike assembly skills). There was a van cab right outside, and the driver was nice enough to help me load the bike. The driver was awesome. He asked where I was biking to so I told him about my trip. He laughed and processed it for a while. Clearly, this guy has kids, so he threw a bunch of worried-parent questions at me. He also gave me some good tips and an idea of good places to go in Vancouver, which I will check out tomorrow.
The hostel is quite nice, and has a secure locker for my bike… Sadly the locker is up high (about 2.5 feet up), so I had to lift my bike. I that’s the worst thing that happens in Vancouver I will count myself lucky. But still, not so much fun.
Tomorrow I will be exploring the city and eating some delicious food. While I’m riding I will be taking in about 5000 calories a day, and I’m well on my way to consuming that much food. I feel like Vancouver and I will get along.


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