Vancouver Days 2 and 3

I like Vancouver. Quite a bit. But I think I may have over sold it. I had such an idea in my mind about how amazing Vancouver would be that I built it up into a utopian city, a status that it could not possibly live up to. That said, Vancouver is still pretty cool.
Day 2 in Vancouver (whose original post I recently accidentally deleted) was awesome. The city is so nice when you can actually see it in the daylight. My day started when I took my bike into a repair shop around the corner from my hostel. The guy who worked there was very nice and we both agreed that I had done an OK (not great) job of reassembling my bike after the flight. Win. He fixed up the front wheel and now I’m good to go! But, I decided to conquer Vancouver on foot. I really like touring cities on foot (I do realize that I’m about to embark on a bicycle tour of the country), because it lets me see more than on a bus (sorry bus tour company that I work for) or other mode of transportation. I started from my hostel and went up through Stanley Park, which is huge. I thought I had walked a big chunk of it, but when I looked at the map again, it turns out I had only scratched the surface. Fortunately I will be starting my tour in Stanley Park, so I will be able to see more of it.
From there, I went around downtown Vancouver and along the Seawall. Vancouver is an amazing cycling city. It’s kicking Toronto’s ass in that regard. There are bike lanes everywhere, tons of cyclists, and a biking culture that Toronto jut doesn’t have. There are also a ton of really fit and active people here. Everyone seems to bike, walk, run, or rollerblade, particularly along the Seawall. It probably helps that they don’t get a ton of snow in the winter, but still, pretty awesome.
I can’t help but notice the similarities between Van and Sydney, Australia. Both have great beaches, ferries, a beautiful waterfront, a similar look and feel, and are both full of Australians.
There were two things I decided I needed to do in Vancouver – eat seafood and get something from a food truck (fellow Torontonians will realize how significant this is). Both of those dreams came true. I got an amazing Spot Prawn sandwich from a food truck. Spot Prawns have a very short season (only 6 weeks) and I am lucky enough to be in Van when they’re available. They are super tender and really delicious, and I’m glad I got to try them. My ignorance and lack of planning is really starting to pay off.
After lunch, I walked through downtown some more and made my way across the Burrard bridge to Kitsilano, which has a lovely beach area. I checked out Granville Island (a very touristy area) and stumbled upon an improv theatre, so I saw two shows that night. It was cool to see some different show formats and how the improv style in Van differs from that in Toronto.
Day 3 in Vancouver (today) was less un than day 2. I decided to check out North Vancouver and Capilano so I took the ferry and a bus up to Grouse Mountain. For the record, I did not see a single grouse. I wound up hiking up up the mountain. It was a pretty walk up, but halfway the incredibly steep and uneven climb, I was like, what am I doing? Tomorrow I’m leaving for a bike tour, would it not be a good idea to rest my legs today? But alas, I finished the hike and got a great view of Vancouver, the mountains and the ocean. At the top, I couldn’t help but think that I would have equally nice views on my future ride. Oh well.
The rest of the day was spent getting a few last minute supplies and repacking my bags for an early start tomorrow.
I am almost dreading the hills tomorrow, based on what I saw today. I think the first few days will be the worst, and after that it won’t be so bad.



3 thoughts on “Vancouver Days 2 and 3

  1. Hey bud, loving reading about your trip so far! However, for some reason when I try to click on the tumbnails of the pictures you’ve added to certain posts, they load in a new window but stay thumbnail size. Do you know how I can fix this? 🙂

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