To Mission

In true Vancouver fashion, I cycled in the rain today. Oh what fun that was. There’s nothing like hours of downpour to test your resolve. I set out from Vancouver at about 9:45 this morning (it’s tough getting everything ready in the morning, but hopefully I’ll be into a routine fairly quickly). Due to my phenomenal sense of direction, I accidentally ended up going through Stanley Park not once, but twice. It was just as beautiful the second time. That’s when it really started to rain (an upgrade from the oh so pleasant drizzle). There’s nothing like digging through your pack in a rain storm to find your rain coat at the bottom. Really makes you reevaluate your packing skills.
From there it was a pretty nice ride through Vancouver and its east end. I remember watching a movie in grade 6 about drug addicts who lived in Vancouver’s east end. While the movie did its job and prevented me from doing drugs, it also made me really scared of east Van. In reality it’s a pretty nice area, and I survived.
Up and up I pedalled through Burnaby and the Heights (any guesses why they call it that?) and then down through Port Moody. I asked for directions and the guy I asked said “are you biking that whole way? That’s really far.” Yeah, I know. Thanks.
The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful, but was quite nice along Lougheed highway. There was a decent shoulder on the road for most of the way, so I had smooth sailing. Except for the rain… the damn rain.
I arrived at my campground for the night, a trout farm just west of Mission. I had the best shower of my life and set up my tent. Fortunately, everything was pretty dry despite the rain. I briefly considered cooking a nice dinner, but settled for a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then it started raining again so I moved under a shelter. The couple next to me in an RV (Don and Cheryl) said I had just missed 2 other cross country cyclists by a few days. One of them, David, is doing the ride to raise money for breast cancer research, and has his own blog. ( He seems to be doing the same route as me, so it’s nice to see what I’m in for in the next few days. Allison Pass look just as awful a I was imagining it to be.
Then Don told me there was a resident bear in the area. Fun.
Now I’m in the game room of the campsite watching Apollo 13 on VHS. Life is good.


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