To Hope

I woke up, and it was raining. It continued to rain for 95% of the day. Not the ideal weather for bike touring.
I got packed up pretty quickly and was out of the campsite by 9:15. The route continued in a pretty straight line eastward on highway 7. I passed through the Fraser Valley and over the Fraser River. They were both gorgeous but slightly ruined by the clouds and fog and rain.
The terrain in the morning was quite hilly, and on the west side of a town called Agassiz, was the steepest hill I’ve ever descended. It was an 11% grade, which may not sound like a lot, but is actually super steep. Google it. My brakes and nerves both got a workout, and now I think I need new brakes. In Agassiz, I ran into a family doing a bike tour as well. They’re taking about 3 years and going around western Canada, the US, and then to South America. They are awesome people. They too have a blog,
We went most of the rest of the way to Hope together, and we are sharing a campsite for the night. I think tomorrow they’re heading in another direction (they are too smart to do Allison Pass), but it was nice riding with them.
After some grocery (and beer) shopping, I cooked up some rice and beans and spinach and now I’m off to bed. It’s quite an exciting life.



6 thoughts on “To Hope

  1. Glad you survived the Agassiz Hill. Good luck on your trip. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope for some dry weather.

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