In Manning

I took the day off from riding, and stayed for the day in the hostel in Manning. I actually woke up this morning and packed everything up ready to ride by 9. Then I talked to the Nomads and found out they were taking a day off. Since they’re much smarter than me and far more experienced, I decided to take the day off as well.
That was a good decision. Because I got to the hostel so late last night (about 6:30), I didn’t stretch properly, so my muscles were quite sore today. I’m also still getting use to hydrating and nourishing properly, so I think I am dehydrated, undernourished, and over tired.
Today, I caught up on those necessities. I also cleaned my bike up quite a bit, as it had become gunky from riding in the rain for 3 days. I’m really glad that I met the Nomads, because they know so much more than I do about riding, travelling, and bike maintenance. I’m learning so much from them, and am very grateful for it.
Today, I took a nap, drank a ton of water and tea, and ate what seems like my body weight in food. I am really tired of eating. I feel like it’s all that I do. When I wasn’t riding I would stop eating either when I got full or got bored, but now I can do neither of those things. It’s actually a task to take in calories at this point. Hopefully I will get more used to it, and be able to eat more easily.
Tomorrow I ride on, mostly downhill. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, which is disappointing since it was so sunny and gorgeous today, but I’m still glad I took the day off.



2 thoughts on “In Manning

  1. You will adapt to the eating. When I do 100K Saturdays at speed, I can eat an entire Italian restaurant. Your stomach will start to accept you need more and want more and you will feel full and satisfied and then it won’t be a chore. 🙂 Of course, I could be crackers.

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