To Princeton

That day of rest that I took in Manning was fantastic, and I’m really glad that I took it. I set out this morning from the hostel with the Nomad family just after 9 (after saying goodbye to everyone who worked there).
It was a pretty smooth ride downhill, and then of course uphill to Sunday Summit, which was quite high but not nearly as bad as Allison Pass. We reached the top sooner than expected, and then rode downhill all the way to Princeton. It had been raining on and off most of the day, and was pretty chilly. There were 3 huge downhills, with grades of 6-8%, which is steep. I got up to 60.6km per hour on those hills, a personal speed record for me. The Nomads (speed demons that they are), got up to 69km per hour. The views on the ride were amazing. Everywhere I looked there was something new and breathtaking. Absolutely every angle could have been a postcard.
We arrived in Princeton and found a great cafe and bakery there, and ended up staying in the cafe for a couple of hours. They had the most amazing home baked fruit pie I have ever, and will ever have.
By this point the skies had opened and then rain was coming down in droves, so instead of being good travellers and camping, we got a cabin at a hilarious motel. I’m pretty sure that if we asked anyone here, we could buy booze, cigarettes and weed very easily.
Tomorrow I’ll head to Penticton and will probably stay the night there. It’s a bit of a deviation from the route in my book, but I think it will be worth it because there are a lot of wineries and stuff I want to see near Penticton.



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