To Penticton

Arrival on May 30.
It has rained every single day I have ridden. The only day it wasn’t raining was my rest day in Manning Park. Other than the rain, today’s ride was a pretty good one, but very long.
The Nomads and I parted ways this morning, and I went all the way from Princeton to Penticton on my own. I rode 111 km. most of the ride was a pretty decent downhill, with one beast of an uphill in the middle. I can’t wait for the Prairies.
By the time I got to my campsite on the lake on the edge of Penticton, I was exhausted. But I was a good traveler and quickly had my tent up and a cooked meal. I ate about 970 calories in that one sitting. It was awesome. I finally felt like I had eaten an appropriate amount of food for the calories I had burned that day.
This was also the first night that it didn’t rain when I was camping. It was glorious. All in all, it was a good day, and I’m lad I have those kilometres behind me.



2 thoughts on “To Penticton

  1. Kat, congratulations on this amazing adventure which your mom told me about. Had you been on Vancouver Island, I would have met you somewhere or given you a warm bed to sleep in. I am so sorry that you have had one of the worst B.C. weather weeks I remember in many Mays. Happy Cycling. I have only known one other person ( to do this ride. He did it a few years ago – you are both my heroes. Happy Cycling! Nancy Wood, Vancouver Island.

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