To Okanagan

Oh what a beautiful day that was. I got maybe 10 drops of rain (for consistency’s sake) an other than that the sun was shining. I actually put on sunscreen, and needed it.
I had a great sleep at my lakeside campground, and was woken up early by the sound of a woodpecker. I went back to bed and had a nice sleep in.
After leisurely packing up my campsite, I made my way to Penticton, a couple of kilometres away.
Penticton is beautifully set in the mountains on the edge of Okanagan Lake (I think). It comes from the native name for the town, which means “a place to live forever” (thank you guide book). I totally understand why now.
But when I first approached Penticton, I had to go through the strip mall and industrial areas of the town. I kept thinking “what?” This? This is the famously beautiful Penticton? Have people never seen a nice town before? But a few kilometres later I was in the downtown area, which is a lovely little small town and has a great vibe to it.
I found a little cafe and ate a huge (second) breakfast (of course I had already had first breakfast at my campsite). When the server came to take my plate away, she was actually quite surprised that I had finished the whole meal, especially since I had ordered an additional side of potatoes.
I had a little walk around the town and then I was off cycling again. Since I broke up yesterday’s scheduled trip to spend more time in Penticton, I only did 30km okay, so I rode for about an hour and a half. There were some lovely hills in there, and some beautiful scenery (I’m going to need a thesaurus soon). It’s wine country so there were a bunch of vineyards.
The last couple of days I’ve been seeing a ton of fruit stands on the side of the road, especially yesterday in Keremeos. Unfortunately, since it only the end of May, there is no fruit available yet. It’s the worst. It’s false advertising, and it’s making me hungry.
I just finished setting up camp at the Okanagan provincial park campground, and I got a great spot right on the water. It’s the same lake I camped on yesterday, but I’m further north on it today. The sun is still shining an the campground is pretty full (last night it was almost empty), so it’s been a good day.



3 thoughts on “To Okanagan

  1. So glad your finally getting good weather. The Okanagan is such a beautiful summer play ground for BCers as well as Albertans. Love your blogs. Great wine tasting vineyards coming up.Enjoy.

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