To Vernon

Friday nights and weekends are really busy in BC campgrounds. RVs are huge here in BC, which is somewhat unfortunate as some owners are not great drivers. The scariest thing on the road is a rental RV.
The people at my campground last night were delightful. They offered me coffee and hot dogs and all sorts of lovely things. My neighbours, Dave and Margot, were great people and even inflated my tires with their good pump, proving how terrible my little portable hand pump is. My ride today was much easier thanks to them.
I took off at about 9:15 this morning and did the 91 km to Vernon. The ride was quite nice, and for the most part nice weather. It was quite a bit busier than I’ve been used to the past couple of days. I passed through West Kelowna and Kelowna, both of which seem like nice towns. The downside of a multitude of towns is an increase in traffic. The upside is that there are way more bathrooms available, which is always a plus as I go through several water bottles in a day.
I rode along the 97 highway going north. There’s usually a shoulder or an alternate route for cyclists, but there was one section of the highway that had barely any shoulder and was quite frightening. Even with experience cycling in Toronto (scariest city to ride in), it was not my favourite thing in the world. Full disclosure, I did walk a bit today – there was a construction zone that I walked through because there was no room for cars to pass me and it was safer to walk.
I arrived in Vernon and went to the grocery store. When I went into the store I could see a huge storm moving in from the mountains. By the time I came out of the store it was raining heavily. I tried to wait the storm out before going to my campsite so that I didn’t get too wet. The storm looked like it would last all night, so I ended up getting a motel (no hostels in town). About an hour later the rain stopped and the skies look clear. I’m a bit mad at myself for not camping, but it really looked like it would keep raining all night. These mountain storms are hard to read! I am making the most of the motel room though, as I have done all my laundry and enjoyed and unlimited hot shower. Oh, and I have free wifi so I’m catching up on the new season of Arrested Development. It’s the little things, really.
Tomorrow I plan on taking a rest day. I will get a campsite for the night and explore the city. My legs, while doing quite well so far, will need a rest before conquering more mountains.


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