In Vernon

I’ve decided I’m not very good at taking rest days. It’s something I have to work on.
I left the motel this morning and went for a walk around the town. There’s a nice little older street with a variety of mom and pop shops, few of which are open on Sundays. There was a coffee shop that all the cyclists out on their weekend rides seem to go to, so I had a coffee there and read the paper, which was nice and relaxing. Then I went the 5km to my campground for the night, and set up my stuff. Then I rode 5km back to town, and rode around for a bit.
I saw a sign that read:
Village Green
Business and
Shopping Centre
Thinking that this meant that there was a nice park (or green) in Vernon, I went to explore. Unfortunately, Village Green is the name of the shopping mall. It was a very disappointing sign.
After that misfortune I went to see a movie in the one theatre “multiplex” in town. I saw Oblivion. It was OK.
Now I’m back at the campsite, sitting in a gazebo and enjoying the sunset over the mountains. It’s beautiful.



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