To Revelstoke

Goodness me, that was a long day.
I got started really early and was packed up and out of my campsite by about 8. Then I cycled 145 km. It was far. That’s the farthest I’ve ever cycled in a day.
It was pretty much all hilly all day. I took the 97 going north, which turns into highway 1, the trans Canada highway. This was my first time on highway 1…it was much like any other highway. The good thing about the 1 is that it’s designed with giant trucks in mind, so the grades are really shallow. I’m pretty sure I actually climbed a decent size hill today, but it didn’t seem as obvious as it would have on other highways.
I passed a cheese factory tour operator at about 9 this morning. Now, I love cheese, but it seemed a little early, even for me, to be touring a cheese factory. Oh well, I’ll catch it next time.
Other than the cheese factory, it was a pretty uneventful day. Just really really long. It was cool going through the mountains again as I approached Revelstoke. I could hear the rivers before I saw them, and I could really feel the temperature of the air change because of the cold, glacial waters.
I am really glad that I took that extra day in Vernon. I think if I hadn’t I would have been very sore right now, instead of only a little sore. Tomorrow will be another doozie, which may get broken up into 2 days, depending on how I’m doing.
Anyway, I’m at my campsite now, well fed (a 1000 calorie meal), and drinking a delicious beer. It’s making my day a little better.



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