In Golden

It was another amazing and, I think, well deserved rest day. It seems I get the best weather on rest days. What’s up with that Mother Nature?
I cannot describe to you the beauty of Golden. I cannot even capture it in a photo. The beautiful town is nestled in between three mountain ranges – the Rockies, the Purcell, and the Selkirk ranges. Basically everywhere you look is a gorgeous mountain range. There is also an amazing river that runs through the older downtown area. I’m not sure of the words to use to describe the water in the river, you really have to see it to know it. It’s almost an opaque (murky) blue-tinged water. Whatever it is it’s really lovely.
I stayed in a hostel, which has been really nice. I’m actually the only one here tonight besides the owner (who is delightful and has a soothing Scottish accent). I spent the day enjoying the sunshine (it was 26 degrees Celsius here), eating, reading, and having a beer. My legs were quite sore after about 300km in the last 2 days, so I’m quite pleased with my decision to rest.
I have another huge climb tomorrow – 80km all uphill, which I am not really looking forward to. I can see highway 1 leaving Golden and it looks quite steep. But after that, it’s downhill. Wonderful, wonderful downhill.



6 thoughts on “In Golden

  1. Charles and I are so enjoying reading your blog. We get to relive road trips, a cycling trip for Charles and a canoe trip for Charles on the Columbia River. The Kicking Horse River joins the Columbia River. The water has that unique colour due to a high load of glacial flour. How is that for a new term! Glacial flour is so fine that it changes the optical properties of the water. (This is Charles’ addition – he was born in Jasper). Fourteen years ago, Charles rode his bicycle from Banff to Radium to Golden and back to Banff. He has a very vivid memory of laying exhausted in the campground at the bottom of the hill where highway 1 leaves Golden and thinking, tomorrow I will have to climb that SOB hill… he appreciates what you are facing…..but he says it is a marvellous ride. We await your next instalment.

  2. Hello Katherine! Already in Golden?!?? Wow, you’re sooo impressive. You really rock! Just one more day and, as you said, it’s downhill. Keep up the pace, you’ll make it! We love reading your blog, it’s as if we heard you and we were there. Plus we have a fairly good idea of what to expect as we’ll take the same road as you, at least to Lake Louise 🙂 For now we’re still in Penticton, enjoying the sun and the climbing cliffs. Back on the road on Sunday. Take care !

    • It’s been a tough ride but I’m here! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures…you’re really travelling in an amazing way. Hope you’re enjoying beautiful Penticton!

  3. Loving these posts. And it’s so nice to see Nancy posting comments. Very interesting about the river! Kat, looks like you are able to post larger photos now?? That’s good.

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