To Lake Louise

Well that was a good ride. Once again, I am glad that I took a rest day, it was a good decision.
I went through a time zone on my way to Golden, so I should have been awake an hour earlier. That was not the case. It was such a comfortable bed and I was so cosy that I decided to sleep in an extra half hour and get up at 8. I got myself ready with a giant breakfast – I made eggs, because I was in a hostel and that’s what one does when one is living in the lap of luxury. I packed up all my stuff and was out the door by 9:30.
Once I had turned onto highway 1, there was a giant hill. A GIANT hill. I don’t like to start my days with a hill, so I walked this one. When I got to the top I tried to get a sip of water, but realized I had left 2 of my water bottles in the sink in the hostel. Not wanting to go all the way down the hill on my bike and then bring it back up the hill again, I left the bike at the top and went for my water. What a great start to the day! 10am and I’m barely 500m from the hostel door. Go me.
The rest of the day was quite a bit better. I saw some Bighorn Sheep, which was pretty cool until I realized they were not fenced in. They just live there. All along highway 1 there were cattle fences, and warnings for various types of animals. I didn’t see any except the sheep.
I had been a bit concerned about today’s ride, as it was mostly uphill. But it really wasn’t that bad, apart from a handful of big hills, including that first one. This was the first day I’ve ridden that I really felt like a competent rider. I think the practice and the rest day combined to make it an awesome day for me. Additionally, there were a few downhills, unlike Allison Pass. There’s nothing better than moving forward without exerting any energy by pedalling. It’s just the best.
The other factor that helped me out was that today’s ride was only about 85km. Child’s play. My stupid (stupid) odometer still isn’t working, so when I got to a little town called Field I checked my guide book and was pleased to see I was already 57km in, rather than the 40km I thought I had done. Good day!
The weather in the mountains is predictable only by the fact that it is unpredictable. If it starts raining, I know that there’s a good chance it won’t be raining in 10 minutes. Alternatively, if the sun is out, it won’t be in 10 minutes. The temperature did drop quite a bit on my way to Lake Louise, but it’s not terrible. At least there’s no snow.
I’m camping tonight at the Lake Louise campground, which is surrounded by an electric bear fence. It was nice to find out that they have free showers (many campgrounds in BC charge a loonie for 5-7 minutes of hot water). I took an extra long shower and didn’t feel guilty at all for wasting water – I’m riding a bike and sleeping in a tent, so Mother Nature and I are cool.



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