To Canmore

Another good day! These relatively short rides are the best! It was nice and relaxing, knowing that I had ample time to get to my destination.
It was cold last night at the Lake Louise campground. The weather report said it was about -2 Celsius. I finally utilized that pull string on my sleeping bag, which closed me in completely. It was awesome.
I packed up my stuff and went to the “town” of Lake Louise. It’s very, very small and very, very full of tourists. 5 full tour buses passed me on the road. I went into a coffee shop and got a large tea because I couldn’t bring myself to drink cold water on such a cold morning. I left immediately after finishing my drink because I couldn’t handle that many tourists.
Highway 1 was great today. There were big shoulders and it was mostly a downhill trip. I rode for about 3 hours (including rest stops for water and food) and arrived at Banff by about 1. It had more tourists than locals. I walked up and down the main downtown street for a while, got a sandwich, and booked it out of there.
All through Banff National Park there are fences along the side of the highway to keep animals away. They have built animal crossing bridges over the highway, so animals can cross safely. Someone was thinking.
Since Canmore is home to the the cross country and biathlon ski teams, an several racing cyclists, there were a bunch of cyclists on the road to Canmore. There’s actually a bike trail that runs parallel to highway 1 from just west of Banff almost all the way to Canmore. It was nice to be off the highway, but some of the twists and turns and super steep hills did not make the bike path worth it. Additionally, many of the racing cyclists I passed were not as friendly a I would have expected. Only a couple said hi, and the others only seemed to care about their time that day. It was a bit disappointing, especially after the amazing people I met in BC. Step up your game, Alberta!
I arrived in Canmore and found my campsite, and of course it started to drizzle rain. I set up my tent, had a blissfully hot shower, and went to explore the town. Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop, and then I will go for groceries and a beer. A giant dinner always makes life better.
I’m really looking forward to arriving in Calgary tomorrow. Now that I’m finished with BC I finally feel like I’ve actually accomplished something – I’m really riding across Canada and I’m already one province down!

Note: the photo today is of the campsite in Lake Louise.



2 thoughts on “To Canmore

  1. So happy that you had a good trip through BC. Sure hope that you come and visit us again in the future. Maybe it won’t be so wet the next time. Happy times ahead.

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