In Calgary (2 days)

Although I like Calgary, I’m not sure I could live here.
I spent 2 days in the sprawling city, avoiding touristy things with a 10 foot pole.
Both days were quite chilly and windy. The hostel I was at had a free laundry service, so I washed my clothes in a washing machine for the first one since leaving Toronto. They do the laundry for you, though, so I had to leave my clothes with them for the day. I spent my first day in Calgary wearing a skirt, a tank top, and a rain jacket. I looked good. I actually got asked for directions in that get up, which concerned me slightly. Then I saw a guy my age (a tourist) wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, white sneakers and a baseball cap. I guess I looked normal in comparison.
I spent my first day shivering and wandering around the city. I walked down by the river, went across the bridge and walked through the beautiful park. It was lunch time and there were a ton of people out for a run. It was all quite lovely but also very cold, as I wasn’t wearing the proper clothes. So I went back to the hostel, had dinner and waited for my clothes to be done. When they were finished it started raining, so I stayed in for the night. There’s really nothing better than clean clothes, especially after going so long wearing the same dirty clothes.
My second day was quite a bit better. I took my bike to a community bike shop for some cleaning. The great thing about Calgary is that it’s laid out in a grid. Avenues run east west, streets run north south, and everything is followed by two letters, indicating what quadrant of the city you’re in. So, once I had the address of the bike shop, I didn’t even need to google map it because I already had a really good idea of where it was.
I cleaned up and oiled my bike, so now it looks shiny and new. Sort of. Then I headed over to Mountain Equipment Coop, to exchange my stupid (stupid!) non functioning bicycle odometer. They are the best store. They took back the old one and let me exchange it for a different brand, even though I bought it a month ago. My new one seems very fancy and highly functional so far, which makes me happy.
Then I headed to the hipster neighbourhood for a Tubby Dog. What an experience. This is the place to go in Calgary, and I’m glad I went there. I ordered the A Bomb, which is a hotdog that comes dressed with cheese, chips, ketchup, mustard, and bacon…I think. When my order came to the counter I was blown away by how large it was. I’m supposed to eat all that? I’ll take in 4000 calories a day no problem, but this is a significant dent.
I sat, staring at my hotdog for a while, wondering how to conquer it. How could I possibly even pick the thing up without spilling it everywhere? So I dove in, immediately sacrificing some toppings, and took my first bite. I decided that once you’ve accepted that your dignity will be lost while eating this concoction, it’s actually quite good. I had to wash my hands after consuming it, but it was totally worth it. Yum!
I returned to the hostel and relaxed for the rest of the night, partly because I was done touring for the day, and partly because I was cold, even with my fleece. I enjoyed my brief time in Calgary, but I’m excited to move on to the prairies.


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