To Medicine Hat

I was out walking last night (trying to find a bathroom that was not the portapotty at my campsite) when I noticed some lightning in the distance. A lot of lightning. As soon I was done reading in my tent the thunderstorm started. The good news is that when set up properly, my tent is waterproof. The better news is that I had set my tent up properly.
This morning was as per usual – get up, breakfast, get dressed, pack up and ride out. But as I was leaving, a local passed by my tent and said, “not a great day for a bike ride!” To which I replied, “at least it’s not raining”. “That could change.” Who are these people? And why do they keep talking to me? Most of the people I meet are delightful and helpful and positive, but it’s guys like this that are ruining it for the rest of them! Just like mom used to say, if you don’t have anything nice to say then shut up!
I was on my way and the ride was quite pleasant. The road was quite flat, and to be honest a little dull, but I was making good time. As usual, I felt hungry so stopped for lunch. I really must come up with a better lunch on a daily basis – sometimes I think it through and am very prepared and organized, and sometimes I think “there’s a meal in the middle of the day?”
Because it’s me, it started to rain during the day. If your ever read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, you may remember a very small but important paragraph. There was a lorry driver who was a rain god (but didn’t know it), so rain clouds followed him everywhere trying to make him happy. That’s what I feel like sometimes.
The rain let up and the sun came out briefly. By the time I got to the campsite in Medicine Hat (after 110km), I could see the storm following me from the west. I pulled up to the administration building, put my bike where it would not get wet, and went inside. Then the skies opened up and it poured for about 10 minutes. This was the opening act, as about 45 minutes later it poured rain again, but for longer this time. You could see the storm moving over the city as the dark cloud moved across the sky.
Medicine Hat seems like a cool city. The founders somehow managed to find the only hills this side of Calgary, and built a city in it. It’s a little bit ridiculous – this city had more hills than some towns in the Rockies.
When I got to the campsite and got set up, I was struggling to figure out what to so first. Hot shower? Meal? Nap? Hot shower won, followed closely by giant meal and then bed.



3 thoughts on “To Medicine Hat

  1. You are forging ahead despite the rain. That’s determination.

    I am reminded of a story from my “yoot.” Whenever we went on a family vacation with my mother’s parents, it always rained. We’d start off in the car on a beautiful ride, and as soon as we’d arrive at our destination, Papa would get out of the car, and it would pour. My mom would call him “Chief Thunder Cloud.” Of course it didn’t ALWAYS rain literally; it just seemed that way. (And I’m not sure why it was deemed Papa’s fault, and non Nana’s!)

    Safe travels today, Kat! xoxo

  2. Kat, every day we look forward to reading about your adventures. Between wind, mosquitoes, questionable towns etc. you are sure getting a full dose. Question from Charles – do you drink gatorade or some other high energy drink? Happy, safe travels today!

    • Hello Nancy and Charles! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I sometimes get Gatorade, but not always. It’s nice to have something that doesn’t taste like water. It’s also nice to have calories in the form of a liquid.

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