To Regina

For today’s blog post, since I was going through the fairly dull prairies for only about 80km, I decided to do a “day in the life” type of post. Also, because I knew I would have wifi tonight, I have photographed everything I’ve eaten so far today. As always, it’s a lot of food.
7:30 – alarm clock goes off. Gradually wake up to an overcast sky.
Refill a water bottle. Get bitten by a billion mosquitoes. Decide to eat breakfast in my tent. Breakfast is 2 large tortillas each with peanut butter, 1 banana and a carton of strawberries.
Get dressed, pack up bags, pack up tent, and put bags on bicycle.
Hear a loud noise to the south east. Unsure whether this is a truck or thunder.
Leave campsite in shorts and tshirt, with rain jacket packed within easy reach. Sky looks like it would at sunrise.
Merge onto highway 1 eastbound.
Feel a drop of rain.
Feel numerous more drops of rain. Refuse to don rain coat as temperature is still warm.
Wind is blowing westbound. Displeasure.
Make very slow progress against the wind. Rain stops.
Pass Asakaya on his way to Regina.
Pass dead deer on the side of highway. Suspect it did not die of natural causes.
Truck passes and sends small stone flying into my arm. It hurts.
Rain commences again. Wind continues to blow westward. Rain ceases.
Happy to keep up a speed of 15kph in horrible wind.
Passed by stinky truck filled with livestock. Wish the wind was blowing the other way for 2 reasons.
See google maps car travelling westbound. Intrigued.
Large fly ricochets off my cheek.
Stop in a small town on the side of the highway to use bathroom. Continue riding eastward.
Stop on the side of the road for a snack. Snack consists of 1 granola bar, dried fruit, and several chocolate covered raisins that became stuck together in yesterday’s sun. Continue riding eastward.
Pass dead badger on the side of the road.
Small rain shower.
Notice blue skies ahead and rain clouds behind. Attempt to ride faster to reach blue skies, to no avail.
Pull over to side of road for food. Food is 2 hard boiled eggs with some salt and pepper. Have enormous trouble peeling eggs. Swear a little. Rain commences again.
Pass dead seagull on the side of the road.
Become frustrated with low speed and lack of forward progress, so dismantle odometer and speedometer. Feel happiness.
Large bug bounces off my sunglasses.
Pass dead black bird on side of road.
Continue riding eastward against westward wind. Become dejected. Decide to listen to music in order to keep going.
Rain picks up again. See lightning in dark clouds to the southeast. Stop listening to music.
Slowly counting down the kilometres left to Regina. Losing hope in the world.
See a city in the distance. Must be Regina. Thank goodness.
Skies open and rain pours down. When combined with the wind, rain feels like hail. Shirt soaks through. Shorts soak through. Shoes and socks soak through. Could not be more wet. Pedal quickly toward overpass which is under construction, hoping to take shelter. Reach overpass. Realize overpass is not complete and provides no shelter.
Rain becomes less severe but continues to pour.
Enter the edge of Regina. Continue 6 more km to enter Regina proper.
Stop at Chapters to use bathroom. Shop at Safeway for food.
Continue cycling toward campground. Right turn in Victoria street. Stop at North Face store to buy waterproof pannier covers. Success.
Continue pedalling. Meet 2 guys cycling from Scarborough to Vancouver. Am once again glad that the mountains are behind me.
Left turn into Prince of Wales Drive. Right turn into Eastgate Drive.
Backtrack and make turn onto the other Eastgate Drive. Thank goodness for google maps.
See blue skies on one side and angry black cloud on the other. Unsure which will win.
Arrive at campground. Register and set up tent. Light stove. Stove continues to go out because of wind.
Drunk tent neighbour shows up. Calls himself a loud mouth. Neighbour enters his tent and sings himself to sleep.
Eat tomatoes and drink a beer. Eat 4 cookies.
Water is taking forever to boil.
Eat 4 more cookies.
Dinner is eventually cooked. Dinner is Kraft dinner with a can of tuna and a can of peas.
Go inside building on camp ground to eat because can’t handle such wind anymore. Also trying to avoid mosquitoes.
Have shower. Rejoice in hot water and wash pounds of dirt off my legs.
Write blog post, probably eat more food, and go to sleep. 20130620-143331.jpg















7 thoughts on “To Regina

  1. Read daughter’s post and wished it would stop raining.
    Expressed relief to self that she’s no longer in Alberta, where residents are suffering through terrible floods.
    Laughed out loud while reading today’s post.
    Wondered if the badger died of natural causes.
    Amazed at the quantity of food eaten in a single day.
    Felt dubious about wisdom of carrying cooked eggs around in the heat. But that’s just me.
    Delighted that Kat has made such great progress; admired her strength, resilience and sense of humour.

  2. So glad your through all the flooding in Canmore and Calgary. Dead animals, bugs and wind don’t seem to dampen your spirits. I think you deserve a big Banana Split at a local Dairy Queen Restraunt. Really enjoying your adventure.

  3. See …. i told you you should blog about all the road kill you will encounter on your trip!
    Photos would have substantiated the inventory.

    Kraft dinner with canned peas and tuna…… the best!

  4. Kat, I love you blog. I’m just a couple of days behind (currently in swift current) and aways read your blog to here whats ahead. Just read your blog post outloud to the new girls I’m cycling with. Made us laugh out loud. You know you’re in the prairies when road kill becomes a “feature” that helps break up the monotony. Happy cycling and maybe bump into you on the road. All the best, Dino

    • Hey Dino! That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re liking the blog! I read the blog of a guy riding a couple days ahead of me sometimes.
      I hope you’re not getting caught in too much rain! Best of luck on your ride and hope to bump into you on the road!

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