In Regina

Oh boy, am I glad I didn’t ride today. Last night the wind was absolutely howling – it actually took down a neighbouring tent, and I decided that perhaps Regina would be an excellent place to take a rest day. That was a good decision.
The howling wind was so loud that had I not been so exhausted it would have been difficult to sleep. At about 7 this morning the thunder and lightning started. It absolutely poured for about an hour. I was in my sleeping bag, snug inside my tent, listening to the thunder overhead and the wind howling, just hoping that my tent stayed put and that lightning didn’t strike the area near me. The storm eventually stopped and I went back to sleep for a while.
I leisurely woke up, proud that my tent was still intact. I’m really glad that I bought a good quality tent an not some piece of cheap junk – my tent has proved itself time and time again.
When I emerged from my tent it appeared as though it may actually be a nice day. I had breakfast, charged my phone, watched some news and decided to go into town. I hopped on my bike and started toward downtown. Then I realized that I had forgotten my helmet. Seriously, this happened. I was already near a grocery store so I popped in for some groceries and then turned back to get my helmet. Having been turned around in an area packed with giant stores and strip malls I decided to cut across a field to get to an intersection more quickly.
Now, you’re probably thinking: hold on, it rained pretty hard yesterday and this morning, surely that field must have been flooded and muddy! It would be silly to walk through that field.
I was not thinking about this. I made it about 10 steps into the field before I realized I could go no further. The mud gunked up my brakes so the wheels wouldn’t turn anymore, and my feet started sinking into the mud. And, of corse, I was wearing sandals. Brilliant. I ended up having to leave the bike in the field and walk my bag of groceries out. Then I went back for the bike. By the time I got back onto the asphalt my sandals were covered in mud, as was my bike. I just started laughing at how stupid a move that had been.
I took most of the mud off my bike and wiped my hands off on the ground. As I started walking away from the field a woman pulls her car over and hands me some paper towels, apologizing that she couldn’t catch me sooner. The nicest people here! The best part is that I soon realized I did not in fact have to cut across the field. I actually was supposed to go in the other direction. Gah!
As I was walking back toward the campsite I saw some dark clouds in the distance and thought maybe I didn’t want I go back outside and explore Regina. I had ridden through downtown yesterday and gotten a pretty good idea of what the city looks like.
I got back to my tent, cleaned my bike off some more and went inside to have lunch. I was watching the tv in the building (swanky campsite) and playing on my phone when I saw the sky darkening. Just as I was about to go back to my tent to grab a snack and my book (to have something to do when it rained), I heard the rain hitting the roof of the building.
It absolutely poured. The lightning was coming down fast and hard, and the thunder following soon after. It was torrential rain for almost 90 minutes. Just as it looked like it was letting up another torrential downpour would start. I have only seen it rain so hard for so long a few times before. So much for the minimal precipitation in the prairies.
There were people filtering in and out of the building so I had some people to talk to. One guy who had camped here in the tent area last year said that it often floods. Great, one more thing to concern myself with.
When the storm finally subsided I went to check on things. There was a small lake in the tenting area, but fortunately my tent was ok. People pay extra for waterfront properties, and I got one for free.
My neighbours had set up a small tarp shelter during the storm and were barbecuing. They asked me to join them and I gratefully did. They had cooked up some delicious corn and chicken and steak. Like most if the people in the campsite, they were here for work in construction. There are a ton of buildings, mostly housing but some commercial, going up in Regina so there are tons of workers here from around he country.
After the delicious meal the mosquitoes came out, so I retired to my tent. It then rained again, but only for about 10 minutes. As I was going to brush my teeth I saw lightning in the distance. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be 20 and sunny with a light west wind, but we will see.



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