So Far: Saskatchewan

A I approached Manitoba I couldn’t help but sing “Manitoba” to the tune if “Oklahoma”. Now that’s in your head. You’re welcome. So, here’s what I learned about Saskatchewan and travelling in general.
First, some things about Saskatchewan:
It’s not all a flat as I once thought. West of Moose Jaw is actually quite hilly.
In the flat bits, you really don’t need brakes. If you time it right, you can coast to a stop.
You will either love or hate the wind in Saskatchewan. Every day is a new adventure.
Mosquitoes are huge! And they’re mean.
Just because the guide book says that there’s minimal precipitation in the prairies, doesn’t make it true.
The sun will rise as early as 4:45 here. That’s very early, especially when you’re sleeping in a tent.
At all costs, keep the mosquitoes outside of the tent. There’s nothing worse than having a Saskatchewan size mosquito in your tent when you’re trying to sleep.
People in this province are awesome and very nice. I like them.
There are lots and lots of fields.
Snakes just hang out on the road. They particularly like chilling in pot holes. It’s a bit startling.

And some things I’ve learned (or relearned about travelling):
I’ve never regretted taking a rest day. Recovery, both physically and emotionally, is key.
Eat a lot. Burning up to 5000 calories a day means eating up to 5000 calories a day.
A good book will go a long way.
There is such a thing as wet person smell. Just like wet dog smell but with humans.
Stretching while still warm is so good.
A cup of tea and a ton of food will pretty much cure anything.
No matter how bad things are for you (weather wise or otherwise), someone else always has it worse.



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