To Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is just east of Dauphin, a half English half Ukranian town in Manitoba. Yes, there’s a bilingual school in the town.
After my amazing and dry sleep in the motel in Roblin I awoke to find the sun. I was shocked and did a double take. Was the sun really out on a day I was going to ride? I stepped outside and the wind was blowing from the west! This must have been a dream but when I pinched my arm it was reality, and my arm hurt.
What an amazing day it turned out to be! I haven’t had such a great ride since leaving Medicine Hat. I was zooming down the highway. There were some small hills for the first 15 or so kilometres, and after that it was mostly flat or slightly downhill. It was amazing.
48km out of Roblin is a town called Grand View. I stopped there for some lunch and a break. And to reapply sunscreen. That’s right, I needed sunscreen today! I had to dig to the bottom of my bag to find it.
The next big town was Dauphin. It’s quite nice and quaint and, if course, has strip malls by the entry points to the highway.
The scenery has also changed a bit since leaving Saskatchewan behind yesterday. While there are still wetlands on either side of the road, the fields look different and there are far more trees. It’s quite refreshing to be out of the monotony of Saskatchewan’s look and feel.
My campsite tonight is a provincial park, and it’s quite nice. Only very small portions of it are under water, so it’s a step up. I got my tent set up, cooked and ate dinner, and had a shower, and then I got to sit outside and enjoy the sun. The sun! I’m experiencing a perfect moment right now and I love it. I may even do a campfire tonight with dry wood. Dry wood! Awesome day from start to end.



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