To Ste Rose de Lac

I’ve had this day before. This is the day when I need to take a rest. Not because my legs are tired or because my brain is melting down. This is the day that I need to take a rest because if I don’t, I’ll be out of the game for a week.
When I was travelling in Europe I woke up feeling not so great – scratchy throat, headache, all around super fatigued. But I went out anyway and got too run down and was horribly sick for a week. Going around the block to the store for more tissues was almost too much for me.
So, today I did 30km before calling it a day. When I woke up this morning (after hitting the snooze button a record breaking 6 times) I wasn’t feeling amazing. But I thought it was just allergies, as there is so much pollen in the air that it looks like snow sometimes. But after taking an allergy pill and riding to the next town, I had to call it. As badly as I wanted to get those kilometres behind me today, I know that I will be better off in the long run if I save them for tomorrow.
So, I am in Ste Rose de Lac, a lovely little bilingual town in Manitoba. There’s a great campsite right off the highway, and a grocery store and pharmacy. So I’m all set.
Before I decided to stop here for good, I thought I would just grab some lunch (or second breakfast, whatever you want to call it), and then see how I was feeling. I found what I think is the only cafe in town. The daily specials posted outside included mixed vegetables with chicken balls, or a hamburger. First warning.
I went inside, walked past what looked the the inside of an overcrowded tchatzke shop in Chinatown, and seated myself. Second warning. Taking a menu off the next table, I decide to have breakfast food and a salad – no one could possibly screw those up.
When my breakfast plate was finally served, it was on a plastic plate with the image of a rooster, and there were Tater Tots on the plate. Third and fourth warnings. It was edible, although the eggs tasted like they had been cooked on the same grill as the Chinese food being served at the next table.
By this point I didn’t even want to see what the salad was going to be, but I couldn’t find the server to cancel it. Then it arrived.
Now, I make my own salad dressing at home, but I’m ok with most store bought salad dressings – or so I thought. This “salad” had both Russian and ranch dressings on it…I think. It was either that or ketchup and mayonnaise. Actually, both are possibilities.
I managed to eat most of it but eventually had to quit. I hate leaving food in my plate, but this was beyond the realm of food.
I got out of the restaurant, went to the campground and took a 3 hour nap. Upon waking I was very glad that I had not ridden any more today, as I still felt groggy and gross. So I’m here now, hiding from mosquitoes and drinking massive amounts of orange juice. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel much better and be able to get some mileage!



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