To the Narrows

This really is a beautiful country, when it’s not raining.
The thunder started yesterday afternoon. At the time, I had convinced myself that it was just the sound of trucks. Lots of trucks. A convoy of trucks. Driving over sheets of metal.
But it wasn’t. Fortunately I had cleaned up after dinner and was in my tent before the rain really started. There was thunder and lightning and rain all night. Literally all night. From the moment I started reading last night to the moment I woke up, it was raining. At one point the thunder and lightning seemed like it was right above my head and I just lay there hoping that lightning didn’t strike my tent.
I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday, and was very glad that I had listened to what my body needed. Even though it was raining when I set out, it wasn’t a particularly heavy rain, so it wasn’t so bad. I rode the 30km or so to a small town called Eddystone. On my way, I realized how much rain this community had had. There were cow fields that were half underwater, and there was a guy pumping water out of his front yard. There was so much water in the ditch on either side of the road that the water actually had a current. I could have paddled a canoe in this water. We could have given it a name and dubbed it a river.
Past Eddystone (which as basically a gas station and some houses), I kept pedalling. The rain was letting up so I was happy. I could hear frogs croaking and hawks overhead. I seemed to startle ducks into flight everywhere I went.
Since I basically broke my ride into 2 days, I only did 70km today and arrived at the Manitoba Lake Narrows at about 2pm, which is quite early. When I checked in I asked the guy behind he desk whether it would rain tonight. He guaranteed that it would, since it had rained every day for a week here.
But he was wrong! After one rather long rain shower the sun came out and it has been shining ever since! He must have jinxed it, but in a good way. It got so warm that I went to find some shade to relax in. The humidity is definitely making it feel warmer. At what point am I allowed to complain about the heat?



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