To Arborg

What a lovely day that was. I was up and ready to go by 8:20, which meant I had a lot of time to relax and enjoy the ride. It was a pretty uneventful morning – I did about 70 km through the prairies in overcast conditions until I reached a small town with a gas station, restaurant and hotel…in the same building. I stopped there for lunch and had a huge meal. Again, they didn’t like that I asked for milk for my tea (not even coffee this time!) so I drank it black.
I also had wifi there. Which was awesome. I haven’t had cell service or wifi for a few days, and I was starting to feel disconnected. Because of the wifi, and how long the food took to come, I spent about an hour and a half in the restaurant. It was a nice little break for me.
As soon as I left the restaurant it started raining, and then as I got back on the highway it poured for a few minutes. I was instantly soaked through. Oh well. It eventually let up and was windy enough (tail wind) that me and my stuff dried off quite well.
I course, then it started raining again. I stopped at another gas station/convenience store and when I came out (soaked) a local asked me what it was like to ride a bicycle in the rain.
He laughed but I’m not sure I intended it as a joke. I’m outside, riding a bicycle on the side of a highway in a rain storm. What do you think it’s like?
After departing from the Mensa meeting I was back on the highway when a guy in a pickup truck offered me a ride to my destination (only about 30km at this point). No, but thank you for the offer. Unless there’s a bear, or at least a cow that resembles a bear, I’ll ride. That’s the whole point.
I arrived in Arborg early evening and got my stuff set up at the campground. I was thrilled that it wasn’t raining, and the sun had in fact come out! I don’t mind if it rains at night, and I don’t really mind if it rains during the day (usually), but I really love when it doesn’t rain in the evening or morning, so that I can sit outside my tent and cook dinner somewhat dry.
It was a beautiful evening and I got to watch the sun set only partially covered by clouds. Also, I finally finished reading Roots. Why didn’t anyone tell me that it was based on fact! Obviously I knew that slavery, the civil war, emancipation, etc. happened, but I hadn’t realized that it was the story of the author’s family! The last 30 pages were definitely the best part of that book. Perhaps I should read the synopsis in the back cover of the book more closely next time.



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