To Selkirk

As far as I can tell, Manitoba is not a fan of the paved shoulder on highways, or repaving bumpy roads. It’s not the end of the world, but it sure would be nice to have a shoulder. At least I’m not on highway 1 without a shoulder – I can’t imagine that would be fun.
It was another day of prairies today. I feel like I’m running out of things to say about actually riding my bicycle in the prairies – it’s pretty much the same as yesterday when I rode my bicycle in the prairies. Except today I rode between Arborg and Selkirk, which is about 30km north of Winnipeg. Riveting, right? At least I have cell service in Selkirk.
It was another one of those overcast days today. There was a bit of wind, which was sort of with me, fortunately, and a little bit of rain. Again, nothing terribly exciting.
I passed through the rural municipalities of Bifrost an Gimli. I feel like I’m in a JRR Tolkien novel. I expect to hit the Shire by midweek.
I stopped in the town of Gimli for lunch. It’s a very Ukranian area that I’m in, still, so I had perogies. They were pretty good, but I think I prefer polish perogies.
I got to Selkirk and settled into my campground and had a much needed (free) shower. When I left the shower to walk back to my tent, an older gentleman said “feel better?” Oh good! I’m so glad that a complete stranger has taken interest in my personal hygiene and how it makes me feel. This was the rest of our conversation:
Me: Yes, there’s nothing better than a shower.
Him: You’ll need one tomorrow. It’s going up to 28 degrees.
Me: Oh well. At least it won’t be raining!
Him: Oh (this is the part where I would have had him spit if he were a caricature if himself), it’ll rain tonight, then be hot tomorrow.
Why? Why do you have to ruin such lovely things, sir? It’s that 90/10 rule – 90% of people are awesome, and the other 10% are another word that also starts with an A.
It started sprinkling as I was making dinner. By this point, I’m so used to the rain that I just sat outside and cooked. Stuff will dry. I’ve also met some RVers, one of whom passed me on the highway. They’re all delightful people.
I think I will spend tomorrow in Selkirk. It seems like a fitting place to take a rest day – there’s stuff to do and civilization, both of which are nice.



3 thoughts on “To Selkirk

  1. Hi Kat, just checking in on you. Hope you are enjoying northern Ontario. Please blog again because we enjoy reading it. We took highway 71 south and now headed to thunderbay along 11. Happy cycling. Dino and the Wanderers in Wheels

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