In Selkirk

First off, apologies for the massive amount of blogs about to be posted. As I will explain, I parted with my iPhone (not amicably) and was unable to post to my blog…until now. Blogs will appear in the correct order, but will not display the correct date, and will be without photos for a while. Get ready.

In Selkirk
I talked to my favourite dark cloud of pessimism this morning. That same old guy who insisted it would rain yesterday talked to me this morning. Despite the weather being beautiful (sunshine and blue skies), he said that the weather could still change. He’s the worst. I hope that will be the last conversation I have with him.
As planned, I took a rest day today in Selkirk. This was mostly because I really needed a rest, and partially because Selkirk is the last vestige of civilization before northern Ontario, which should be a treat. I slept in a bit this morning and enjoyed it. I set out to explore Selkirk on my bike, but quickly realized that Selkirk is not large enough to merit more than an hour of exploring.
I went down to the beautiful waterfront to see the Canada Day weekend farmers’ market and then went back to the campground to enjoy a couple of beers and my book in the shade. Later, I went back into town for some dinner and to see The Heat, which was ok. It was a wonderful and relaxing day, but not super exciting to write about. Sorry.


2 thoughts on “In Selkirk

    • I’m glad too! I just met Yasse and he says you’re catching up! I think you will pass Bryan and I tomorrow! We’re camping in White River tonight. Hope to meet you soon. Safe travels!

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