To Kenora

Well, someone out there is the proud new owner of a phone. Unfortunately for me, I am now one phone down. I’m not terribly pleased about it, but will probably survive.
I got a late start today, partly because I was hoping someone would return my phone to the campground office, and also because it’s a short ride day today. I set out at about 11, which is far later than I’ve started before. I was riding down highway 44 out of Whiteshell park, and after I stopped for a bathroom break, I was so distracted by my lost phone that I missed my turn onto highway 1 and went a few kilometres in the wrong direction. The worst part is that those few kilometres were hilly and bumpy, and were even worse on the way back. I hate backtracking, so I was not off to a great start.
I knew that the road to Kenora would be hilly, and the reality met my expectations. Sadly.
I was pedalling along when all of a sudden I see this odd shape moving toward me and gaining on me from behind. When it caught up, I realized it was a guy on a three wheeled recumbent bicycle, laden with bags. This, as it turns out, was Bryan, and he started a similar trip about a week after me in Nanaimo, BC. Since we were both going to Kenora, we decided to ride together and share a campground. I was a bit shocked to learn that Bryan had had nothing but hot days and sun since starting his trip. How is it possible that I had so much rain? If only I had started a week later!
The rest of the ride was not too bad. The number of bugs swarming me was decreasing and I had crossed the provincial border into Ontario. Kenora is quite a nice town, and is situated right on a lake so there are some beautiful views of the water. The girl working at the campground told us that there would be Canada Day fireworks, but that we would have to go down to the waterfront, which was a few kilometres away, back up the hills. I will not be seeing any fireworks.


7 thoughts on “To Kenora

  1. Hi Kat! Nice to see you have ur blog up again! Looking forward to ur updates! Hope that you enjoyed ur time with us. Safe travels my friend!

    • Hey Jenn! Thanks so much for everything!! Cell service is non existent right now so I’m slowly working at uploading posts. Bryan and I are in White River right now, getting ready to camp next to the Winnie the Pooh statue. It’s very exciting.

  2. OMG … ONTARIO!!!! you are almost home!
    Are you going to TO or just cutting across the province?
    If by chance, you are cutting thru Algonquin Park in two weeks, drop by for a visit, we will be camping there!
    Let me know and I will tell you where and what camp site number!

    • I’ll be riding along the 17 just north of Algonquin in a few weeks. Perhaps we could meet near there? I’d love to see you, Paulis! I will let you know dates when I get closer.

  3. Well …we will be in Algonquin Lake of Two Rivers July 21-27 but is that too soon for you to be riding near by? The next time we are there will be the first two weeks of September, will that be too late? Let me know to see if the timeing allows us to meet?

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