So Far: Manitoba

Now that I’m out of Manitoba, here are some observations on the province, and some things that I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling.
First, some observations about Manitoba:
That is one flat province. I always thought that Saskatchewan was super flat, but Manitoba is definitely worse. Except right at the east before the border with Ontario, because that bit is super hilly.
There at a bunch of bugs in this province. I’m not particularly fond of these bugs. And they’re big.
Manitoba is not a fan of the paved shoulder. I wish they were.

And some things that I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling:
The rain is following me. It’s been confirmed.
The only thing stopping me from cycling 150km in a day is my brain. This trip is 90% mental.
Don’t turn your back on anything valuable, even for a second.
Just because there’s supposed to be a prevalent wind, doesn’t make it true.
The weather network knows nothing.


4 thoughts on “So Far: Manitoba

  1. So glad your back posting again. We were getting concerned about your absence. Sure hope the rest of your trip is more pleasent. Keep up the humor and enjoy the experience some of us can only dream of doing.

  2. Hey Kat! Joe here. We met somewhere between Thunder Bay and Upsala on one of the more straight stretches in Northern Ontario. Glad you’re diggin’ the hills. πŸ™‚ Oh, and the bugs.

    Where are ya now? I can’t quite figure it out from the posts. Did you get hit by the Toronto flooding? Check me out @ if you like. Happy biking!

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