In Shebandowan

This was definitely worth going 20km out of the way. I’ve met some amazing people along the way who have helped me greatly, but the folks in Shebandowan set a new bar.
I had an amazing sleep in a bed. I slept in and then had some rather strong coffee. Everyone was kind of getting things done and we put in a load of laundry (my first since Calgary). I went into the guest camp house and squelch squelch squelch. The washing machine was leaking. Onto the carpet. It was a fun little adventure getting that cleaned up. The wash still got done and then we all relaxed for a while.
The plan was to take a boat ride on the lake in the evening, but a thunderstorm started and we got rained out. That just meant that there was more time to enjoy dinner, which was a big affair in a full house. The food was amazing and everyone I met was awesome.
It was a much needed rest day, and was absolutely beyond my expectations.


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