In Thunder Bay

I do enjoy my days off. Bryan made a fire last night and I was able to stay up late and watch it, because I could sleep in today. Last night, I also suffered my first real injury of the trip (not counting bug bites). I was walking back from the bathroom in the dark and as soon as I turned off my headlamp, thinking it was bright enough to see by the firelight, I tripped and fell down. I am full of grace. I cut my knee and bruised my ego, but was otherwise unharmed. The worst part was that I got my pants dirty – I just washed them!
Today was quite nice and relaxing. After a slow start, Bryan and I went to Hoito, a popular Thunder Bay restaurant, for breakfast. We got the Finnish pancakes, which were delicious. They’re sort of like a mix between Quebec pancakes and crepes. Unfortunately, I did not get to try a Persian (a sweet bun with pink icing), which is the other Thunder Bay must eat. Next time!
After that, I got us lost for a bit and then we found a bike shop so that I could get new tires. I’ve had a small hole in my back tire for a few days, and my front tire isn’t looking too great either. The guy at the bike shop was awesome and fixed me up with some new and slightly thicker tires, which also have a reflective strip on them. They’re my new favourite thing. I’m very easy to please.
Next I was off to Future Shop to replace my stolen iPhone. That was an expensive lesson.
After that we went back to the campsite, had some dinner and enjoyed another fire. The smoke of the fire really helps to keep the mosquitoes at bay. And I like keeping mosquitoes at bay.


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