To Birchwood

This was perhaps the least motivation I’ve ever had in a day. Cycling or not. Fortunately, Bryan was equally as unmotivated. Had it been unequal, I think one of us would have killed the other.
We went for coffee and second breakfast at the Robin’s in town. This chain is all over northwestern Ontario, and competes very well with Tim Horton’s. After that, it was all uphill, literally and figuratively. There was a side road that ran parallel to the highway for about 18km, which was really good, and then we lost steam.
While stopped near a construction site we ran into some riders going in the other direction coming from Toronto. After that, I noticed a sound coming from my bicycle. I thought it was the front brake but it turned out to be my rack rubbing against the back tire. My new back tire! Fortunately it hasn’t worn down too much of the rubber, but it still needed to be fixed. As Bryan is more mechanically inclined than I am (as are most people), he volunteered to fix the problem.
Bryan: “How often do you tighten the screws on this rack?”
Me: “Do you really want to know the answer?”
Because of the vibrations from the road, I had lost one of the screws that holds up my rack, and so it was sitting lopsided. Lesson learned! Maybe.
Anyway, it got fixed and we kept going, very slowly. All in all we did 86km in about 10.5 hours. Impressive, right? (The answer you’re looking for is no.)
We did become slightly more motivated when it started to rain when we were 20km from the campground. By the time we got there we were soaked and quickly became re-covered in mosquito bites. Everything got wet, but I managed to make a hot meal, which went down quickly. I know I had 4 weeks of this crappy weather, but I had gotten so used to sun that this was not as fun as I remembered.


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