To Dryden

Well, the Canada Day fireworks sounded really nice from inside my tent. There was absolutely no way I was heading up those hills on a bicycle in the dark, just to see 10 minutes of fireworks. I’d rather be sleeping.
This morning was quite entertaining. I was packed and ready to roll by 8:30. Bryan, on the other hand, despite having woken up at 6, wasn’t ready until 10. Yes, that’s 4 hours of packing. Four. Hours.
While I was waiting, I did get to watch the couple at the next campsite pack their gear. This couple, originally from Taiwan but now living in Winnipeg, was, they said, just learning to camp. I could have easily guessed this after watching them pack. For two people, they had an 8 person tent (8 hefty people). Into the minivan, parked beside the picnic table that had food left on it all night, went a full sized mattress, folded in half. Now it’s getting interesting. A duvet, sleeping bags (not sure what they were going to do with both), pots and pans, and an array of other items normally not seen at campsites went into the van. My favourite part was when they kept the tent unzipped while they had breakfast (an interesting ordeal), and then spent an inordinate amount of time removing bugs and dirt from the inside of the tent. It was better than TV.
When we finally hit the road, it was a beautiful but very warm day. We ended up stopping near a lake and dunking our shirts in the water just to stay cool. I debated going for a swim but my bike shorts are very uncomfortable when they’re wet, an they take forever to dry. My shirt, on the other hand, was dry in about 10 minutes.
There were so many beautiful lakes and I really wanted to take more photos, but all of these lakes are at the bottom of hills, and I had to decide whether to stop and take a picture or maintain my momentum for the next uphill. Obviously, I kept going with the momentum.
At the rest where we had lunch, I was introduced to a new and even more frightening insect – the Asian longhorn beetle. Google it. It’s gross. They’re huge and scary and they fly and they bite. Hard. You can feel one landing on your because it’s so big and heavy. I was not having fun at this rest stop. Fortunately, they’re quite lazy once they’ve landed so they’re fairly easy to kill. There was a small graveyard of these bugs when I left.
When Bryan and I arrived in Dryden we went to the grocery store and tried to go to the LCBO, but could not since it closed at 6. I had forgotten that Ontario is a stick in the mud.


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