To Ignace

Bryan actually managed to be packed and ready to go by 9 am! It was a small miracle. We stopped at the McDonald’s in town and grabbed some coffee (I had not slept well). A guy rode up on a recumbent bicycle and we chatted for a while.
At about 10:30 we hit the road. It was a lovely, but hilly ride. I didn’t mind the hills too much because I can see the tios, unlike when cycling through the Rockies. Having said that, the hills definitely take some getting used to again after the flats of the prairies. I have to get a ton of momentum going on the downhills and flats and then pedal super hard for as long as I can on the uphills before gearing down to finish them off.
The whole day was quite an adventure with these hills through beautiful trees and lakes. I’m seeing quite a bit of road kill, but very few live animals – except, of course, for the bugs.
Having missed the 6pm last call at the LCBO in Dryden, Bryan decided to push ahead at the end of the hot day to procure some cold beer. It was nice after climbing the last big hill into Ignace, to know that there was a cold beer waiting for me at the campsite.
After dinner we took a swim in the lake (jumping off the dock in my cycling gear) with the kids from the RV park. They were kind enough to point out the leeches when they approached me.


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