To Marathon

That was probably the best ride day I’ve had in a while. There were some really big hills, but nothing compared to the mountains. I keep getting to the top of the hills and thinking, that’s it? I guess I should be grateful. The hills are pretty substantial though, and they take quite a bit of effort to climb.
The day started well, purely because there were no mosquitoes greeting me in the morning. We started by riding 15km up a giant hill to get some coffee. (It was on the way.) And second breakfast, of course. After that it was one big hill after another. Bryan was behind me for a bit (he gets a lot of questions about the recumbent bicycle and got held up by a particularly inquisitive fellow), and I saw a black bear. If I hadn’t startled it and it hadn’t moved and I hadn’t heard that movement, I would not have noticed it. It was a skinny little thing, but still pretty cool to see.
When we arrived in Marathon we went to the grocery store and found another touring cyclist! Yassin cycled from Vancouver and will end up on the east coast. He me some girls that are behind me and I’ve been in contact with via blog, and says that they’re very close behind me now! I hope that I will get to meet them in the next couple of days – I feel like I know them already. It’s a small world – there are only a finite number of people crazy enough to do this trip.



2 thoughts on “To Marathon

  1. So sorry to hear about all the bugs. EEW. Glad you and Bryan are riding together. Does he also have a blog?

    Love Mom

  2. Sorry to hear about all the bugs (in previous posts) but glad you are meeting such wonderful people, including your riding partner Bryan (and not including the black bear). Does Bryan also have a blog?

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