To Rossport

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am covered in mosquito bites. This morning, everything was wet and gross and smelly, including me. At least the sun was out when I woke up.
Bryan and I rode to Nipigon (about 11km) and had breakfast. I had thought that Nipigon was a larger town, but the population is only 1700. It is also home to Canada’s smallest Canadian Tire. The folks at the tourist information booth did not care about this very much.
We went to the Husky gas station and restaurant, because that’s where all the truckers go so it must be the best. Bryan and I each ordered the big breakfast and finished it. Bryan, who apparently is operating on a calorie deficit, also ordered another, slightly smaller breakfast. And I thought I was eating a lot. I did have fun watching the server process the order – she first asked if it was to go, and then asked if he was serious. It was a 2 hour ordeal but it was a very good and large meal.
After that we rode up and down the hills toward Rossport. It was a bit cloudy and there were a couple of very quick rain showers, but otherwise it was pleasant. The wind was a bit weird though. It kept switching directions, which was not helped by the fact that the road twisted and turned.
Fortunately, in the last 15 or so km of the ride, when there were 2 very large uphills, there was a tail wind. I’ve heard from some people that cyclists say these Ontario hills are worse than the Rockies. These cyclists must be crazy. These hills are as steep, but they are way shorter. Thank goodness.



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