To Savanne River

I am absolutely covered in bug bites. These small flies, which I think are sandflies, got caught in my hair and destroyed the back of my neck. The bites didn’t hurt and they’re not too itchy, but I’m bleeding quite a bit which is unfortunate and gross. And, once again, the mosquitoes are out en-masse. I was not having a great morning as I had not slept well, so Bryan was actually packed up before me. He went to get some coffee and brought it back to the campsite, so we were caffeinated and ready to go before 9am.
It was quite a long day, totalling 125km. It was super hilly and there was a bit if a headwind. 60km in there was supposed to be a town called English River where we would be able to get water and some food. However, since the guidebook had been published, the businesses in town had been closed. All that was left was a small motel, where we refilled our water bottles and had a rest. The next town (about 45km after that) was Upsala, which boasted 2 gas stations with an adjoining restaurant plus a general store/LCBO/post office.
On the way into Upsala I got flagged down by the guy on the recumbent bicycle that we had met yesterday at the Tim Horton’s. He gave me a bottle of water and a protein bar and he had stopped Bryan to give him water, $20 to share with me, and some literature on god. It was very nice of them, and quite funny.
We had an ice cream at the general store and then headed to the restaurant. I had coffee and a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie, and then we both had breakfast (at 4pm). The super greasy breakfast was not sitting especially well on top of the pie and ice cream, so the last 20km of the day were a bit brutal.
Bryan and I met Joe, who was cycling from Newfoundland to Vancouver. It’s always nice to meet fellow cyclists, especially those who can tell you what’s ahead. Joe said that from Thunder Bay to Sault Saint Marie is quite hilly but after that there’s nothing too bad until you get to Newfoundland. That’s very good news.
We got to the campsite, met some lovely RVers, had showers and went to bed. Of course, we also both got bitten by a ton of mosquitoes.


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