To Thunder Bay

I will miss Shebandowan and the amazing people there. They were seriously the best. Any time they come to Toronto, I would gladly host them! I think I miss them already.
Bryan and I got ridden out of town by Rob (our host), Tony and Mike, some of our new friends. When I say ridden out of town I mean that they escorted us on their bicycles as a send off. A nice one.
The weather this morning was pretty cool. I’ve read that Lake Superior is so large that it creates its own weather systems, and I wonder if it had a hand in this one. It was very foggy and misty this morning, and it felt like we were riding through a cloud for most of the day. The air started to get cooler as we got closer to the Lake. I hope it’s not always this chilly, although it was very beautiful.
The rest of the ride to Thunder Bay was pleasant. Because of all of the rain yesterday, Kakabeka Falls, the highlight of the trip, was super full. The water was absolutely rushing down the falls, and I think it was better than it would have been 2 days ago. Could I have done the rest of the trip to the Falls and stayed there 2 days ago? Probably. But I would not have enjoyed it this much and I would have missed out on meeting those amazing people. Plus, it would have taken much longer because of that head wind.
We arrived in Thunder Bay at a reasonable time, but since it is Sunday everything (ie the LCBO) is closed. But there will be a hot shower, a warm sleeping bag and a fire made of wet wood, so all will be well.


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