To Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground

I would rather have rain and a tailwind than sun and a headwind. There I said it. You win, universe. I wished for rain.
As you may have guessed, the weather conditions today were not ideal. There was a strong headwind for most of the day, with the occasional sprinkling of a heavy crosswind. There’s nothing quite like moving 7km per hour, both up and down a hill.
Like most days recently, the day began with mosquitoes, tons of mosquitoes. I know I said I wasn’t going to complain about mosquitoes anymore, so I will just say that thy were exactly as expected. I had bought this yellow coil which was a citronella mosquito repellent. The waitress at a truck stop swore it worked, but it didn’t. I got a mosquito bite right next to it. My southern Ontario mosquito repellent was fairing no better, so I decided to go big or go home. I am now the proud owner of a deep woods mosquito repellent that is 25% deet. It may kill me, but at least I will be sane.
After breakfast, Bryan and I set off toward Wawa and Lake Superior provincial park. The hills were moderate, by I was moving very slowly because of the wind. I met Kim, who is cycling from Halifax to Tofino. It seems like Sault Saint Marie is where all of the cyclists are converging. It makes sense because that is near the halfway point of the Trans Canada Highway (km wise). Kim is from Oakville, my home town, which is pretty cool.
A bit later on we ran into a father and son who are long boarding across the country from Saint John’s to Vancouver. The son is a cancer survivor so they are raising money for cancer research, and are depending entirely on the kindness of people they meet along the way to carry their packs etc. They have a website and Facebook, so you should look them up –
On my way into Wawa, up a big hill, I was passed by a cyclist. She asked if I was Kat and I asked if she was Katie, Sofi or Dino (the three girls who were expected to catch up with me). It was Katie and it was very exciting. I’m quite easily pleased. The girls will spend tomorrow in Wawa, recovering from some injuries, and hopefully I will get to see them again in Sault Saint Marie. They also have blogs: Both blogs are written extremely well and are certainly worth checking out.
It was difficult to convince myself to continue on from Wawa, but I’m glad that I did. Bryan and I did another 30km to a campground in Lake Superior provincial park. It’s a beautiful setting and I’m glad to have those kilometres behind me. There were some big hills in there, which were not so much fun at the end of a long day, but at least they’re over now. Until tomorrow, that is.



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