In Sault Sainte Marie

I’m quite glad I took a rest day today in Saulte Sainte Marie. It was super hot and even though I did it yesterday, I would not have wanted to cycle in the heat and humidity today.
I had a nice sleep in and was up in time to see everyone off this morning. Of the dozen or so people that camped here last night, only Bryan and I stayed at the site today (most had had rest days yesterday). After a Tim Horton’s run for a wonderful cup of coffee, I retreated into the shade for a while. I then went off to site see the city. I took a bus that looked like it was going in the right direction and arrived in downtown. It’s quite a nice spot right on the waterfront with a lot of independent shops. But it was way too hot. Even in the shade the heat was unbearable.
I went into an air conditioned mall to get away from the sun. I considered seeing a movie but wanted to be back at the bike shop before it closed at 6. I was having my back brake pads replace as I have worn through the not so high quality ones I had put on in Hope. They definitely served their time, but it was time for retirement. There was a small ceremony and a presenting of a lifetime achievement award. Tears were shed.
From the mall I had planned on getting the same bus back to the campsite, but apparently the bus I hopped off had changed its route recently, so I ended up taking the more scenic route, which included the end of the line, a study of a map, and a transfer to another bus route. Sault Sainte Marie is quite nice, especially the residential areas, which I don’t normally get to see (and hadn’t planned on seeing).
When I got off the bus I headed to the Walmart which is immediately behind the campsite and bought a large bag of ice. I hugged the bag of ice on the walk to the campsite to cool off a bit. Then I chilled some beer which I had bought in bulk yesterday (don’t ask why, it was a long day). I went to the beer store to get some beer for the employees at the bike shop (I’m camping for free), which they definitely appreciated. By the time I got back my bike was repaired and Dino had arrived. Dino has been following my blog and me for several weeks, so it was nice to finally meet her. Then I got a text from Katie and Sofi, the Wanderers, saying that they were standing at the big hill into the Soo, just looking at it. I laughed.
Once everyone had arrive we chatted for a while and then he Wanderers took off (they have a connection and are staying at a hotel) and Dino and I made some dinner. And ate a ton of chocolate.
Earlier, it looked like there would be a thunder storm that would cool things down, but we only got about ten drops of rain. I think the wind had changed into a favourable wind for us, so I’m looking forward to riding out with Dino in the morning.



One thought on “In Sault Sainte Marie

  1. Sounds like a great day. Nice photo of your fellow cyclists. How about some photos of YOU and your bike too?

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