To North Bay

Another day in the life…

6:30 am: alarm clock goes off. Hit soon button only once. Wake up.
Eat breakfast, consisting of 1 avocado with 2 tortilla wraps, salt and pepper.
Notice small hole in mesh of tent. Google tent warranty. Can’t find warranty online so quickly give up looking. Decide it’s a problem for later.
Pack up gear and load bike.
Cycle out of camp ground and up giant hill toward highway. Get into lowest gear. Dislike hill.
Cycle east on highway 17.
Caterpillar crosses road.
Man on motorcycle passes and asks where I am going.
Pass through town of Hagar. Look for cartoon Viking, unsuccessfully.
Practice French frog voice. Realize I will have to reveal this in blog post. Resolve not to practice other voices today.
“Eye of the Tiger” song stuck in head.
Climb various hills.
Same man on motorcycle passes again and asks more questions. Hope he is not following me.
Stop for a snack, consisting of one fruit and grain bar and one granola bar.
Apply sunscreen.
Stop for another snack, consisting of fruit and nut mix, and sour keys.
Continue cycling. Road flattens out.
Stop at rest stop for lunch, consisting of 2 tortilla wraps each with peanut butter and one banana. Dessert is one chocolate granola bar and one bear claw.
Meet cyclist whose name I forget. Guy is travelling from Quebec City to Winnipeg with a huge trailer and flip flops. Wonder how this guy will fare on the hills past Sault Sainte Marie.
Continue cycling.
Get “Emerald Isle” song by Whitehorse stuck in head.
Get very uncomfortable and unhappy. Take Advil for cramps. Become happier and more comfortable.
Stop at restaurant for cup of tea. Elated to find milk instead of cream on the table. Procure 2 packets of jam for later. Check email on free wifi.
Continue cycling. See guy in the distance riding his touring bicycle on the wrong side of the road. Catch up to him and politely inform him it’s illegal. Cyclist thinks it’s safer. Abandon hope for cyclist. Hope Darwin was right.
Arrive in North Bay.
Go grocery shopping. Chat with guy I want to call John who asks interesting questions about my trip.
Go to LCBO. LCBO is closing. Curse guy I want to call John for speaking so long. Get let into LCBO by employee with promise I will make a purchase quickly. Buy beer.
Cycle toward campsite. Take extremely long and hilly detour around construction. Finally find campsite and register.
Change campsite for one with a picnic table.
Phone a friend.
Set up tent.
Begin cooking dinner. Have pre dinner snack consisting of 2 containers of blueberries, container of Greek yogurt, and package of donut holes. Eat dinner, consisting of rice and can of chilli.
Drink a beer.
Wash dishes.
Have much needed hot shower.
Debate writing blog post now or tomorrow, and decide on now.
Hopefully sleep.















3 thoughts on “To North Bay

  1. North Bay! One of a many places in Ontario I did not see while living there for 50 years – I hope to see it some day. The fact they have coffee with milk in the vicinity wins my vote! I too am curious about the frog voice! And bravo to the compassionate LCBO employee.

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