To Pembroke

I get to sleep in a real bed tonight! This is very exciting news. Just thought I would share.
Because of my push yesterday, I only have to do about 80km to my friend Kyle’s house in Pembroke today. Which is good, because I still have a headwind. This whole prevalent wind thing is ridiculous – I’ve had headwind for half of my ride days. Not fair.
I had told Kyle I would be at his house at about 4:30, so I had plenty of time to ride. Even though I had eaten breakfast not 3 hours before, I stopped at a restaurant for breakfast. Because I was hungry, again. I’m looking forward to eventually not having to eat 6 meals per day, plus numerous snacks. It will be relaxing.
Knowing that I didn’t have to ride too fast was quite nice. I was able to stop when I wanted and relax a bit. It was nice because highway 17 is not my favourite highway. It’s not so bad on the weekend when most of the trucks are off the road, but during weekdays it can be brutal. The road itself is also not in great shape, so there are tons of potholes and other similar obstacles. No fun.
I arrived in Pembroke and made my way to Kyle’s house. His directions were awesome and I didn’t get lost even once (which is pretty impressive for me). When I arrived I was shown to my room, where there was a care package and a dress waiting for me. That’s right, a care package and a dress. Because I will be seeing Kyle’s play on Friday and he knew I am travelling super light and therefore don’t have any nice clothes, he got me a dress. Best host ever? Yes. Hands down.
After a much needed drink, a luxurious shower and a spectacular dinner, I was off to bed. A queen sized bed. I plan on taking up as much room as humanly possible on that bed. Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bed?





4 thoughts on “To Pembroke

  1. Wow, that’s what I call a great friend. Pretty dress! Ah, and a real bed. Enjoy your time with the wonderful Kyle.

  2. 1) “His directions were awesome and I didn’t get lost even once (which is pretty impressive for me).” Glad to hear that you didn’t miss a crucial turn due to the distraction of firework signage hehe 😉
    2) Kyle is too great, and that dress looks lovely!

  3. Ah, likely a bed has never felt SOOO good. And buying you a dress! How sweet and thoughtful is that? Enjoy your visit.

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