In Pembroke

That was the best 4 day off I could have asked for. My body desperately needed it, and I think my mind probably did too. It was fantastic to see Kyle and have conversations with people that I actually know. I’m tired of these 5 minute conversations whose topic tends to be my bicycle trip.
I spent 5 nights and 4 days in this wonderful place called Pembroke. Mostly wonderful because of the presence of friends. Instead of breaking the awesomeness down by days, here’s a breakdown by events:
I got to see my friend Jess, which was awesome. We walked around downtown Pembroke and saw the waterfront and caught up over coffee. Good all around.
I understand the workings of Les Mis. Kyle was playing Marius in Deep River’s production of Les Mis. Having never seen the play before, I was frantically reading the Wikipedia synopsis up until the curtain of the dress rehearsal on Tuesday night. I gave up reading when I realized there was a second half. The info I did absorb proved helpful while watching the 4 hour dress rehearsal. Later in the week I watched the movie (don’t ask why, I’m not sure), and then read lines with Kyle. Then I saw the opening night show on Friday. It was quite well done and Kyle was amazing – every time I see him in a show he is better and better. I think I’ve reached my lifetime quota of Les Mis related activities.
I got to see Kyle’s family and my friend Julie. We cooked a fantastic meal and entertained and all was good. I like those people.
I got to sleep in a bed!
I got to do laundry. I smell ok again. Not great, but ok.
I went to volunteer in Kyle’s kindergarten classroom. That is one more job I can cross off the list as it’s certainly not for me.
There was a last day of summer school staff party, which was a blast. Teachers are hilarious.
On the way back from the opening night cast party the Deep River police department was conducting a Ride program. With both of their cop cars. It would have been fine to speed on the way home that night as we knew where the police were.
There was a lot of relaxing and enjoying the sun, and I was happy about that.


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