In Ottawa

How am I ever going to go back to sleeping in a tent? I am way too spoiled right now. That was a wonderfully refreshing and much needed visit with my mother who drove to meet me in Ottawa. If course, she offered to take me back to Toronto, which, of course, I declined.
Again, here’s a breakdown of events:
We slept in and had a lovely brunch with Matt and Fuqu (friends) and some of their friends. They were in Ottawa to have some wedding photos done. Because they knew I was going to be in the city, and because they believe me to be a rain goddess, they warned the photographer that it would be cloudy. And guess what – it rained both days I was there. Take that weather network.
We ate brunch at the Murray Street Cafe, which was super delicious. They cook everything in pork fat. I like them.
Mom and I walked around the market and bought some local berries. I ate all of them.
We went to dinner at Play, a wonderful restaurant in the market. We ate super fancy food and drank super fancy wine pairings and had a super fancy but very nice server. Such a good meal.
I bought Lovely Bones for $2. It started raining so we got coffee.
I started watching Orange is the New Black and am now addicted. If anyone gives any plot points away I will disown them as a friend. Promise.
For dinner we bought a bunch of meats and cheeses and fruit and wine from around the market and ate in the room while it poured rain outside.
Titanic was on tv. I would never sit down and watch the movie on DVD or Netflix, but it was the only thing on! It was good but I didn’t get to watch the end. If anyone gives any plot points away I will disown them as a friend. Promise.
I slept wonderfully in a bed. I like beds.
We watched Mosaika, the light show at night shown on the parliament buildings. It was really good! Better than I had expected. It was cool because it told the history of Canada and then had people talking about what it meant to be Canadian and it was really fitting for my mid-trip break. I felt super Canadian and it reinforced my desire and need to finish the trip. I was never doubting that I would finish it, but the light show and story definitely motivates me more. I was a bit antsy to be on the road afterward.
My foot hurts. I think I tied my shoe too tight one day last week and now the top is sore. I was icing it at Kyle’s and in the hotel, but because I was walking (even though I was in sandals), it is swollen and sore. Not cool, foot. Not cool.
There was a fire drill in the hotel. At least it wasn’t in the middle of the night.
I’m for sure a rain goddess.


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