To Ottawa

Sadly, the time has come to leave Pembroke. It’s been a blast, but I must move on. Today, on a mere 4 hours of sleep, I will attempt to ride the 150km from Pembroke to Ottawa.
Oh, and there’s a headwind. Awesome.
I am going to miss this bed. Even though I’m headed to Ottawa to meet my mom and stay in a hotel for 3 nights, I really liked this bed. But after a giant breakfast and a farewell hug from Kyle, I am off.
I manage to find my way back to highway 17 without major incident, thank goodness. This highway is far from my favourite – the big rigs, sharp turns and lack of a shoulder make it unkind to cyclists. But since it’s Saturday, there are few trucks. Joy.
The headwind makes my day super slow and very long. While I usually try to maintain an average speed of at least 20kph on terrain like this, the wind slows me down to about 17.5, which makes my day a whole lot longer. All in all, I am on the road for about 10.5 hours, including a couple of short breaks.
Since the 17 turns into the 417 in Arnprior, I am forced off and must take side roads, which is a pleasant change from the main highway. Even so, it’s a really long day.
While my legs, arms, and back were happy for the days off, my butt is getting its revenge. The saddle is not my friend. I will have to recondition myself after such a long break. Ugh.
I finally pull into Ottawa at about 7:15 and find my mother waiting outside the hotel for me. After a quick shower we eat a hearty Italian meal and it’s bedtime for me. I’m the life of the party.


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