So Far: Ontario

As always, whenever I finish with a province, I like to write about that province and the things I’ve learned (or relearned) about travel in general.
First, some thoughts on Ontario:
This province is way too big west to east. Is there a way to shorten it? Seriously. It feels like I’ve been in Ontario forever.
Northwestern Ontario has a rather different culture than eastern Ontario. They have their own version of Tim Horton’s (Robin’s), and their own mobile phone company (tbaytel). They’re also super nice and speak a lot of French. Not that eastern Ontario doesn’t…
The mosquitoes in northwestern Ontario are ruthless. They’re way meaner and travel in larger numbers than anywhere else I’ve seen. People living in southern Ontario don’t know what a mosquito problem truly is.
I think each province should only have one thing wrong with it (hear me out). BC had bears, the prairies had mosquitoes. Ontario has bears, mosquitoes, and a bunch of biting flies. Who’s in charge here?
I’m really glad that I took highway 17 instead of 11. There may have been a bunch of hills, but there were towns at the end of every day and the views of Lake Superior were amazing.
Highway 17 is a beast. I would not want to drive it.
The hills in Ontario were not as bad as people made me to believe. Anyone who says these hills are worse than the Rockies has perhaps suffered a brain injury in the prairies. You can see the top of these hills!

And some things that I’ve learned (or relearned) about travelling in general:
It takes a lot of dedication to get tan lines like this. Hours and hours of work have gone into looking this ridiculous.
I understand the merits of travelling with someone. I also appreciate travelling alone, perhaps even more.
My respect for professional truck drivers has increased. They are awesome, unlike RV drivers.
I am becoming spoiled by sunshine and beds. When I inevitably go back to rain and tents I’m in trouble.
I like when people ask intelligent, thought provoking questions about my trip. I don’t like when people ask stupid questions. The stupidity of a question increases proportionally with how hungry I am.
I like cities. I like cities a lot. I don’t think I could have a permanent residence in a own whose population is 300.
Tourists are funny! You can spot them a mile away and watching them can be better than watching TV.
I’ve decided that on some days, I burn more calories than some people do in a week.


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